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THERE FOR YOU, EVEN WHEN YOU ARE IN TROUBLE... I've met Sylvester Wojo when his wife found my cell phone at a store and kindly returned it to me. When my mother passed away I felt helpless by myself. Our relationship started when Sylvester offered to help me with his handyman to fix up my home and get it ready for sale. Since I had a realtor friend I felt I owed it to her to sell my house. After four months of no offers on my home, I reached out to Sylvester for help and he did. I noticed his different approach to selling from the very beginning. He listed my home and we had an offer within the first two weeks. Soon after inspections I got really sick and had three brain surgeries. To my amazement Sylvester kept everything moving forward. He communicated with my family members and arranged for movers, carpet cleaners and cleaning service in order to make sure that I am contractually protected even when I was not feeling well. I know that he had to step into proactive and aggressive shoes in order for me to avoid being sued as with my health condition, I might not have been able to close on time. Sylvester has communicated with my financial person, attorneys and his broker to protect me. He even came to the hospital twice to make sure that I am cared for. I am forever grateful for Sylvester's tenacious personality. He is always a calming presence when I'm around him and showed that he knew what he was doing at all times. Even after the closing he is staying in touch with me and making sure that I am well both personally and financially. Thank You Wojo!

by Michelle Laveen

DEDICATION COUNTS Sylvester is very dedicated to making sure his clients are happy! He was virtually tireless, and worked very hard to make sure he helped us to find our perfect home. We short-sold our last home, and Sylvester was able to help us get into a new home in only one year. He was patient and knowledgeable and answered all of our questions thoroughly.

by Leighssa Dobrosky

WILL GET YOU THE BEST DEAL POSSIBLE If any one is looking for a home in the Phoenix area I know the best , and I mean the best agent in the area. His name is Sylvester Wojo Wojtowicz. He was very easy to work with. He works for his clients and gets you the area you want and the price you want. Wojo spent late hours helping us finalize our deal before we had to leave the area to go back home. He is there for you and will walk you through to the very end with all the help you need. He will bend over backwards for you and get you the best, very best deal possible. Very easy to work with, cares about you and walks you through everything even to the closing. I can't say enough good about how great we were treated.

by Pat Lee

Violet was a great realtor! Professional and knowledgable. She listened to me needs and wants and helped me find great places to look at in areas i didn’t know existed! She was also very patient with me as I would send her huge lists of places I wanted to see. We found the perfect place and her expertise helped me win a 3 way bidding war without offering much over asking price!

by Lauren Sweeney

Violet has been my realtor for more than one properties that i bought! She is amazing! She does not just do her job but she actually cares and puts love into what she is doing! For my last property that I bought... the home of my dreams... i wouldve never gotten it without her!! I had to bid for this house.. and she was there for me keeping track ! We won the bid ! I highly recommend her! She made my dreams come true!

by Michelle Huszti

I can not say enough that would adequately describe Violet's exceptional real estate knowledge and expertise... but even more impressive to us was Violet's focus on listening to our needs, working tirelessly in our best interests, and sincerely wanting to help us moreso than worrying about how much commission she could pocket. I highly recommend Violet. To discover integrity, thoughtfulness, and willingness to work hard for clients in one realtor is next to impossible to hope for... but we found all three in Violet. We had been considering selling our home in Scottsdale and buying a smaller one in the same zip code until a death in our immediate family sidetracked our plans. Without a doubt, when and if we decide to revisit those original plans, we will ask Violet to help us. There is no one in the real estate world we trust more than Violet.

by Lynn Kocevar