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October 17, 2014

Pinnacle high school has great academic reviews but the front office staff is probably least friendly bunch of people that I've come into contact with. If you're looking for a school that will make your family feel welcome, this is certainly not the school.

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September 25, 2014

I was a student at Pinnacle for 4 years, and I absolutely loved it. The teachers are super enthusiastic about helping, they legitimately want to give you the best grade and education. I didn't realize how much my teachers had helped me at Pinnacle until I had gone to college (at ASU) where I used a ton of the resources that I had from high school in my college classes. I also highly suggest taking AP classes, getting involved in clubs and also sports, to get the best experience.

Submitted by a student

December 22, 2013

This school is absolutely terrible as a student for four years I can say ive only had one teacher that cared about my grade and helped me. I was an athlete and I played football my freshmen year but i was mainly a soccer player and the football program was good but soccer is hands down the worst program to exist. Coach could care less about the program and it's utterly horrific, development of the team doesn't seem to matter and favorites were chosen. I was an honors student and thought the honors classes were a joke. Pinnacle high school is phony and I wish I never took part in the school. Students consist of snobby rich kids that harrass other students. Drugs are of a huge problem at the school and of my time being at pinnacle I was made fun of for not doing drugs and peer pressured into doing it (although I never did it).

June 9, 2013

I am father of Paulo Henrique Fleury Biassio Mir who just graduated last May, I live in Brazil and would like to know what is the average cost of living of a senior in a HS as Pinnacle and if you will follow up Paulo career at the University (in this case ASU) Best regards, Paulo Mir

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June 7, 2013

I absolutely loved attending Pinnacle. I continue to keep in touch with my teachers from all 4 years because they are still willing to help me, even in college. I am going into my junior year and always look forward to coming back to catch up. I was part of the AP program and participated in athletics on campus, as well as several of the clubs. When I attended the school the administration team was on a first name basis with many of the students, including myself, and provided a tremendous amount of support to anyone who asked. It is easy to get lost in a school the size of Pinnacle, but there is a place for everyone if they take the time to find it.

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May 8, 2013

As a fellow student who's going to be graduating this year, I have had a poor time with them for three years so far. The students are absolutely immature, the teachers don't care about students or parents and value their image over failing kids. Their rules are hypocritical. They claim bullying isn't allowed, but do nothing about it. They ban the word retard, but they allow racial slurs. I am not even going to bother showing up for my graduation after enduring humiliation, lies, and apathy from this school. They don't even DESERVE the high rating in my eyes. I recommend that one should go to a better school.

April 24, 2013

This school does not deserve a high rating. I had 2 kids that went there; one graduated and the other is graduating from a charter school that cared alot more about their students. Overworked teachers who don't care (except for a few) and don't communicate with parents; and an administration who cares more about their image than their students. Drugs are a HUGE problem there and the administration has a habit of kicking out kids that they even perceive have any type of issue so that they can keep up their rating. Sports teams are very political also. My daughter would have been short of credits to graduate if the administration in the charter school she transferred to would not have caught it in time.

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February 15, 2013

middle of the road kids fall in the gaps all over this country that is a fact. Until we change the education system in this country this will continue to happen. All students should be held to the same high standards and I dont believe classes should be segregated the way they are. As far as the comment that the 'failing' teacher is still at the school-that is another one of America's problems. They probably cant get rid of the bad teacher because of the teacher's union..I would youtube John Stossel's special Education in America or watch Waiting for Superman. The problems mentioned here are due to our current screwed up education system.

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February 7, 2013

I 100% agree with the 8/6/12 parent review. Following a full semester and my freshman entering high school, I am having the exact same experiences. I was told by a school administrator that 64% of the freshman taking Physics this year 2012/2013 are failing the class. HELLO!!! Is anyone taking note of this??? I was also told my student's Math teacher is being fired at the end of the school year because the teacher is failing as a teacher, yet this teacher remains at the school for the 2nd semester and has a class load of students failing due to the lack of teaching. Not only was I told this by the administration but my teen and all the students know about this so why would this teacher put any effort or desire for that matter into teaching our kids knowing they are a goner at the end of the year? So to answer the question posed, the new principal is not making any difference. Still high teacher turn over and no one there cares about the middle of the road students who need teachers to teach and administrators who care when you reach out for assistance. This school does not deserve a high rating and is failing in my grade book on every level!

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September 6, 2012

My daughter graduated in 2005, she had all AP and honors classes and loved her teachers, the Principal and everything about Pinnacle.

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August 6, 2012

For a school that is said to be one of the best in Arizona I would completely disagree. If you have a middle of the road kid average they will just fall through the gaps. Even with constant involvement form both parents this school falls way below average. They have huge teacher turnover and teach the kids like they are just on a assembly line. There is no over site from administration, counselors. The sports are so political that if you don't have money to "donate" forget your kid ever playing. They bring in the top players from all over the state so if you live in district there is little chance of ever playing unless you are really really good. Over all I find this school pathetic. Maybe just maybe with the new principle this school year he will snap at least the teachers in line.

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May 20, 2012

Both my children graduated from Pinnacle High School. Their experience was great. The teachers were invested in the children and would spend any extra time requested from them to make sure they understood all material covered. Both my children graduated with over a 4.0 (weighted scale for AP classes), and received scholarship money for college. Both of them still keep in touch with teachers they had at Pinnacle because of the great impact they had on them. My son as a pre-med student now still values the strong educational foundation that he received from his AP chemistry and AP physics teachers, as it gave him an advantage in his college classes. Pinnacle High School is phenomenal and deserves the high ratings it has received.

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May 7, 2011

Pinnacle is one of the best high schools in Arizona. Being in the Education industry and having a nephew that graduated from PHS I feel I have good information to make that statement. Parents forget some of the responsibility for their Child's performance is on them. It is not all on the teachers. Don't blame schools if your child struggles. Many of the issues kids have in school start at home not the other way around. If pinnacle kids have money to get drugs the question needs to be why does my child use drugs. My nephew didn't even though all schools have them around.

September 9, 2010

I opened enrolled my daughter here mainly for the highly touted academic program. I am pleased with the cirriculum but this is where I end being satisfied. I feel the school is seriously over-crowded with the result of having a very high student teacher ratio in every class she has. (about 35:1) The traffic for dropping off and picking up students is ridiculous and poorly handled. The school grounds are in need of fresh paint and maintenance and the main electronic sign does not even work. I can see why Arizona schools are next to last in per student spending.

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August 16, 2010

My daughter attended 9th grade here last year. It was the worst year of her academic life. In Middle School she was a student leader, member of the National Junior Honor Society... model student. At Pinnacle, she had such poor teachers (with the exception of the Spanish teacher and Honors Physics teacher) that I was absolutely amazed. Math was the pits... despite me meeting with the teacher. She became disengaged and was extremely unhappy the entire year. Needless to say, she is not there this year.

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